[RC5] Comments on the change of repply to:

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Fri Jan 9 08:49:57 EST 1998

     The issue of changing the Reply-To: on the list wasn't resolved by the 
     list participants when the change occurred.  Strangely, people that 
     hadn't been convinced that the change would actually help aren't 
     impressed with it.
     I've noticed that the S/N has not been improved by this change.  In 
     fact, there's yet even more noise now that each message has the 
     1) Please don't respond to me and the list.  (grr.)
     2A) I am replying to you only              or
      B) I am replying to the list and to you   or
      C) I am replying to the list only
     It also appears that the number of nuisance messages hasn't been 
     affected at all by this, because the people willing to post nuisance 
     messages are also willing to go to whatever trouble it takes to post 
     them.  Also, most of the technical discussions are falling off the 
     list, when they belong there, because mirroring the message to the 
     list requires effort.
     Further, people with less-than-stellar mailreaders suffer considerable 
     inconvenience since now it is
     1) Impossible to sort list messages into a separate in-bin
     2) Impossible to add non-list replies to their RC5 logs
     3) Impossible to distinguish direct replies from list messages
     4) Impossible to recognize RC5 messages when the "[RC5]" is farther 
     out then the RFC specified minimal requirement for Subject: lines
     5) Difficult to reply to the list, since it is not an available 
     automatically selectable reply recipient, and
     6) Difficult to remove the originator since this is an extra step that 
     is required for no other e-Mail correspondence.
     Those people who claimed the change would increase the S?N ratio are 
     sadly mistaken.  The noise is still here, the signal comes with noisy 
     disclaimers, most of the signal isn't even being posted to the list, 
     and list participation in any form is now more difficult.
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu

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Subject: [RC5] Comments on the change of repply to: 
Author:  "SCRUTE.UK.ORACLE.COM" <SCRUTE at UK.oracle.com>  at SMTP
Date:    1/9/98 9:20 AM

I just think it's funny that  
first, loads of people are complaining that no-one seems to listen to what 
goes on on the list. This rummbles on a bit untill we get Adam's weekly 
announcements and Seth trying to get information. Everyone's happy. 
then, a few people say the list shouldn't set the repply-to to the list, it 
gets changed very quickly, and now everyone's complaining that it shouldn't 
have been. 
Sometimes I suspect that the "powers that be" must be thinking, "what the 
hell, whatever we do someone's going to complain." 
Simon Crute. OS/2 Support Specialist. 

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