[RC5] Where to find v2.7 clients?

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Fri Jan 9 11:14:20 EST 1998

David McNett wrote:
> I just want to make sure there's *no* misunderstanding here, Colin.
> I'm sure
> you know, but other might misconstrue from your comments above.  There
> is
> no great consipracy here to keep this information a secret.

Nah, no conspiracy, just stupidity. The irc is just not a reliable
source of information. Imagine the howling that would occur if
the irs broadcast the tax computation tables on tv and then said,
"Sorry, you missed it but we were on tv last night with all the
answers to your questions, ask someone that was tuned in." There
would be a revolt. Instead they do the smart thing and print the
needed data, so that when someone needs it, they can go and look
it up.

It's pretty simple, real business doesn't chat, it accounts.
Real science doesn't chat, it keeps records. Real project
leaders don't chat, they keep minutes...

Only d.n chats, so we howl.

>  The fact of
> the matter is simply that Bovine, TimC, Andrew, and the rest of the
> core
> coding team were eyeballs-deep in source code last night and weren't
> saying anything about anything to anyone.  The deadline is fast
> approaching
> and there's still work to be done.  Personally, I'd rather have them
> doing
> that work than stopping and chatting with the rest of us non-coders.

Agreed, but then some problems might be alleviated if there were
more coders - another old thread re-surfaces.

> And certainly distributed.net has had its hand burned a few times in
> the past when giving projected release dates.

Indeed, this is the first time that there has been an external
deadline placed on them. I wonder, we have sufficient volunteer
cpu power to succeed. Do we fail because of a lack of coders?
Would that be enough to change the policy?

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