[RC5] Where to find v2.7 clients? (And Mindless Muttering)

Matt Steinhoff mls at audiosports.net
Fri Jan 9 17:22:09 EST 1998

> From: Matt Perry <matt at primefactor.com>
> Yes, but the official word was that the clients would be ready on
> Jan 7th.  That day came and went and some people got a bit worried. 

    This is not a stab at Distributed, but did anyone *really*
think that the clients would be out January 7? (I'll admit that I
looked, but I wasn't really expecting to find anything.)
    So far the clients are two days late. I'd hazard a guess that
the clients will be out before Monday. If *commercial*, for-profit
companies were just a week late with their bug-fixes -- let alone new
products or revisions -- I'd have wet shorts right this very minute
for all the joy I'd feel.
    We've all missed release dates. Some of us more often than others.
Fortunately, a lot of us programmers have the marketing department to
buffer us from the unwashed masses yearning for new software. The
programmers at Distributed have no such buffer.
    That aside, monetarily-speaking, it's best to finish the DES-II
challenge in as much time as possible so long as no one beats us
(they won't) and we make the final deadline.
    So, cut Distributed some slack.
    (And stop believing their release schedules. {grin})
    To the folks at distributed: stop announcing release dates. Stop
telling us when the stats will be fixed. It'll just bite you in the
buttocks. Just announce to the list and web page when products are
ready for use. Sure, that means we won't be able to plan upgrades
but, this project is supposed to be done in *idle* time anyway. It's
not something we need to put on the to-do list. The key word here
is `idle' -- our computer's but also ours.

    (As a side note to Marc "real business doesn't chat" Sissom: d.net
ain't a real business. It's a small group of folks who only incorporated
into a non-profit organization to make it easier for folks who donate
money to get a tax write-off. To hold them to the same standards as
Microsoft, Lotus or Sun is unfair and just plain crazy.)

    And while I'm cluttering... Can we all get over the whole mailing
list address thing? Geez... 


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