[RC5] Where to find v2.7 clients? (And Mindless Muttering)

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Fri Jan 9 17:31:48 EST 1998

Matt Steinhoff wrote:
>     (As a side note to Marc "real business doesn't chat" Sissom: d.net
> ain't a real business. It's a small group of folks who only
> incorporated
> into a non-profit organization to make it easier for folks who donate
> money to get a tax write-off. To hold them to the same standards as
> Microsoft, Lotus or Sun is unfair and just plain crazy.)

I guess you missed the point. Gee, how can I explain the idiocy
in a more understandable fashion. Here's the first paragraph again:
> Nah, no conspiracy, just stupidity. The irc is just not a reliable
> source of information. Imagine the howling that would occur if
> the irs broadcast the tax computation tables on tv and then said,
> "Sorry, you missed it but we were on tv last night with all the
> answers to your questions, ask someone that was tuned in." There
> would be a revolt. Instead they do the smart thing and print the
> needed data, so that when someone needs it, they can go and look
> it up.
The point is, irc is an inane medium for distributing information.

The point is, folks that want to distribute and maintain information
don't chat about it, they record it. They publish it. They save
and preserve it.

Written language is a marvelous invention. It marks the start of
civilization. Ever heard of the phrase "Since the beginning of
recorded history."? The inner circle would rather regress to the
days when all information was kept in the heads of individuals and
transmitted through conversation. That's all irc is, a medium for
conversation, much like air. That's why they call it IRChat rather
than IRInformation Exchange. Let us step back and operate as if
there were no libraries, no archives, no reference manuals, no
literature, email, answering machines, and no information storage
except for neurons. It's ridiculous. Any time you need information
you have to ask someone.

The point is, having to ask the same questions over and over again
even though the questions have been answered before is a waste of
both the person who asks and the person who answers' time.

The roles of these two(the mailing list and irc channel) should
be reversed. All the chatter should be on irc and all the inner
circle should communicate plans, schedules, bug fixes,
configurations, et al on the mailing list.

As far as holding up standards go, you're way off base. They
did volunteer didn't they? Does this mean that they volunteered
to do a half assed or less job of communicating with all the
rest of the volunteers? Does this mean that I should expect and
be satisfied with a half assed performance? In my experience,
volunteers often do a better job than those that are paid so you
can forget about drawing that line in between the two.

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