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David A. Cafaro dac at cise.ufl.edu
Sun Jan 11 16:47:14 EST 1998

	Don't know if anyone is interested but Eyegive just released some Info
about their last quarter and rankings for the Non-Profits.  Distributed Net
came in first (should make all the stats people happy).  Also they
mentioned our group directly in their newsletter.  here it is:


 Bay & Valley Habitat for Humanity             			91.24
 Cathouse (Feline Conservation Center      			100.86
 Paraclete Mission Group / AD2000 Interactive Task Force 	118.33
 Ferret Association of Connecticut, Inc    			121.15
 Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet) 		154.50
 First Hebrew Congregation                 			184.74
 Christian Chat Network, Inc               			267.34
 Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline (ARPH) 		403.61
 Praise Broadcasting Network                 			503.32
 Distributed Computing Technologies, Inc     		518.13

Decemberís Cool Event

One of the nonprofits listed at eyegive is distributed.net.  Itís a group of
about 19,000 people who link their computers together, using the
Internet, to solve cryptography challenges.  Last month, their
coordinator sent out an e-mail to all of their members suggesting that
not only should they visit eyegive and help raise money for
distributed.net, but that each member should recruit others, and recruit
their employers to be sponsors!

So, taking a cue from them, weíre passing that message along to you. 
Help your nonprofit in two ways.  First, help us double our size in
January  get just one person to visit eyegive and sign up.  Second, if
you know of a firm that should be advertising with us, send them our
way.  Weíll help them determine if we can be an effective advertising
medium for them.

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