[RC5] Win32 block in progress

Ryan Dumperth ryand at iquest.net
Mon Jan 12 00:30:26 EST 1998

I installed the new hidden client on a Win32 machine, since it is indeed
faster than the last build of the gui. I checked the log and saw that when
I rebooted, the block in progress and the queued block were both lost from
the buff-in. All these months I thought that it was saving the blocks in
progress back to the buffer during a normal shutdown.

The Mac client knows when the system is being shut down; the unix clients
know. And I know that telling Win95 to shut down or reboot isn't like
pulling the power cord; it closes other programs normally. If you shut 
with a document with unsaved changes open, it prompts you to save, so
obviously Win95 has some sort of term signal. Why the heck can't the 
hear it, and save its work?

(Please don't tell me those two blocks are meaningless in the 64-bit 
of things. Please don't tell me not to reboot. Please don't tell me to use
a checkpoint file; they don't work. Please don't tell me to use unix.) I
just want to know why this client, and from what I've been told, the rest
of the win32 clients as well, doesn't know how to shut down like a normal
app. My machine isn't fast and losing my work needlessly just plain sucks.

Sorry for bitching, and being long winded. At least it's on topic.


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