[RC5] New stats script

Cedric MARSOT Cedric.Marsot at intervalle.fr
Mon Jan 12 16:35:46 EST 1998

On Monday, January 12, 1998 2:25 AM, Tom Marshall [SMTP:tommym at owt.com] 
> The script is ready for download.
> I'm the only one who has tested it so far, so please be careful and read
> the comments.
> The script takes a while to crunch through all the logs on the first
> run, but subsequent runs are approx. 5 seconds on my server.  It's quick
> enough that I've switched from hourly updates to 5-minute updates.
> http://www.savantsoft.com/rc5stats/ and click at the link at the bottom
> of the page.

It is very easy to run it under Windows NT.
But be carefull, on my page, I have disable the archive. I need to find 
under NT.
Because if we dont delete old stats, stats.pl will take the old one and 
stats that are under stats.dat.


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