[RC5] Estimated key rate on DES II?

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Mon Jan 12 09:01:26 EST 1998


Based on the speed of the 2.7 clients and our current RC5-64 keyrate,
does anyone have an estimate of d.n's keyrate for DES II?  

I saw some speculation awhile back, but it was very vague, and was 
based on the relative rates of the DESCHALL clients vs. the RC5 clients
from the same time.  RC5's gotten alot faster since then, I'm sure.

The DES II clients are due out later today (according to the
annoucement) so real benchmark results are due out real-soon-now, I'll
be willing to wager.  :-)  (Please, no OS/CPU/whatever war!)  Anyone
care to do the math from there?  (Or even post some data, so I can do
the math myself?)

(I realize the announcement mentioned trying to crush DES II in 3 weeks,
but it's be crazy to try to extrapolate from that without knowing what
the assumptions were that went into that statement.)



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