[RC5] Fwd: First results are in!

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Mon Jan 12 09:06:48 EST 1998

'Matt Van Drie' said previously:
| Somehow this email I recived from EyeGive doesn't seem right. $7,000 
| d.net? Stats should be running off a Cray by now <g> ;-)

Of course, you forgot the operative words:

| We're sending out checks this month and we've got a 
| bunch of new advertisers, so read the newsletter for 
| more details.

It can't be spent just yet... :-)  (Waiting patiently for the Stats Cray. 

Between Eyegive et al., and the pending DES-II (which we're a sure-win
for), d.net should have some decent hardware pretty soon, I'd imagine.
(Has d.net announced how the DES-II funds will be handled?  I'm
guessing they'll keep some amount of it to maintain the d.net hardware
and so on.) Things are definately looking up for d.net, despite all the
foibles (which happen in any organization).


PS.  Kudos on the moderated list -- I think I'll start participating 

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