[RC5] NW 3.x testers invitation

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Mon Jan 12 11:10:42 EST 1998

     Cyrus Patel has released the NW 3.x/4.x client v2.6403.355.
     The 10 Jan 1998 version of the client appears to be available at 
     This version requently checks to see if the TCP/IP NLMs have been 
     loaded.  It can run either with or without NETDB.NLM loaded and will 
     use internal functions for DNS resolution should NETDB not be 
     Reliance on static Watcom libraries has been removed resulting in a 
     smaller loadable module.  Reliance on A3112.NLM has been removed.  
     Reliance on MATHLIBC.NLM has been lessened but not completely 
      BUFF files have been found to be compatible with Win95, Win3x, and 
     DOS BUFF files; but other compatibilities are unknown (to this 
     poster).  Various other problems have also been resolved.  The 
     has been tested in a production environment for several days without 
     perceptible adverse effects.
     Please feel free to download and test this client. 
     The zip file contains the following files: 
        text file with orientation and history on the NW client
        text file containing man-page style usage information
        the client NLM
        standard versioning and history file for RC5-64 clients
     Please direct problems and comments to either myself 
     (gindrup at okway.okstate.edu), Cyrus Patel (cyp at fb14.uni-mainz.de), or 
     this mailing list (rc5 at llamas.net).
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at okway.okstate.edu

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