[RC5] Win32 block in progress

Cedric Tefft cedric at earthling.net
Mon Jan 12 21:04:50 EST 1998

Ryan Dumperth wrote:
> I installed the new hidden client on a Win32 machine, since it is
> indeed
> faster than the last build of the gui. I checked the log and saw that
> when
> I rebooted, the block in progress and the queued block were both lost
> from
> the buff-in. All these months I thought that it was saving the blocks
> in
> progress back to the buffer during a normal shutdown.

> (Please don't tell me those two blocks are meaningless in the 64-bit
> scheme
> of things. Please don't tell me not to reboot. Please don't tell me to
> use
> a checkpoint file; they don't work.

Actually, according to Tim Charron, the Win32 checkpoint bug is fixed in
fracbuild 335 and greater.  I just now tested this with the Win32 CLI
version of 357 and can verify that in fact checkpoint files are now read
during client startup.  I presume the hidden client is fixed as well. 
I'm sure you know this already, but for the benefit of any newbies out

Just find the following line in the .INI file and change the "none" to a
filename you'd like to use as a checkpoint file (ckpoint.rc5 is


I believe you can set the client to write the checkpoint as often as
every minute:


That way, you would still lose some cracking cycles on a reboot, but not
more than a minute's worth.

> I
> just want to know why this client, and from what I've been told, the
> rest
> of the win32 clients as well, doesn't know how to shut down like a
> normal
> app. My machine isn't fast and losing my work needlessly just plain
> sucks.

You are correct.  I remember this bug being brought up many weeks ago,
but it does not seem to have been addressed. Maybe Tim will have time to
look at it once the v2.7 clients are out.

- Cedric

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