[RC5] New stats script

Tom Marshall tommym at owt.com
Mon Jan 12 21:29:46 EST 1998

> > The script is ready for download.
> It is very easy to run it under Windows NT.
> But be carefull, on my page, I have disable the archive. I need to find
> gzip
> under NT.
> Because if we dont delete old stats, stats.pl will take the old one and
> add
> with
> stats that are under stats.dat.

Yes, this is true.  If you do not have gzip under NT, try using another
zip program.  Are there any CLI zip programs for Win32 that support long
filenames?  Another option is to just create a batch file that moves the
previous log somewhere.  Something like this (one liner):

move %1 archive\

What could be easier? ;-)


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