[RC5] Win32 block in progress

Tue Jan 13 08:29:51 EST 1998

>I installed the new hidden client on a Win32 machine, since it is indeed 
>faster than the last build of the gui. I checked the log and saw that when 
>I rebooted, the block in progress and the queued block were both lost from 
>the buff-in. All these months I thought that it was saving the blocks in 
>progress back to the buffer during a normal shutdown. 
(>Please don't tell me those two blocks are meaningless in the 64-bit  
>of things. Please don't tell me not to reboot. Please don't tell me to use 
>a checkpoint file; they don't work. Please don't tell me to use unix.) I 
You do need to use a checkpoint file, It's the only way blocks can be 
the WIN32 client if you force the application closed (which is I think 
shtting down the machine running the hidden client does) 
Check point files work on the win32 client I'm running here, so you should
OK now even if it was broken before. 
Simon Crute. OS/2 Support Specialist. 
The above are my opinions alone, and do not necessarily coincide with 
e-mail: Work: scrute at uk.oracle.com   home: simon at geordie.demon.co.uk

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