[RC5] New stats script - bugs

Tom Marshall tommym at owt.com
Mon Jan 12 23:00:40 EST 1998

There were a few minor bugs and oddities that have been pointed out. 
Here's a fairly complete list:

- Apparently the web server for my virtual domain doesn't have an entry
for tgz in its mime types.  It served up the script as a text/plain
file.  I've renamed it with a tar.gz extension and it seems to be acting
better.  You can change the HREF in your script (at approx. line 761) so
that others can d/l it properly.  I will leave both on the server for a
while so that stragglers can still grab it.

- There is apparently a bug in some versions/builds of Perl that causes
the script to hang after reading all the logfiles.  It happens to me on
a Slackware 3.0 (aka Slackware 96) Linux box.  My Slackware 3.3 box and
my stats server (BSDI 3.1) work fine.  Two other people have reported
the phenomenon but no word as to their system configurations yet.  If
this problem affects you, hold tight... I'll be upgrading Perl on my
broken machine and testing to see if that fixes the problem.

- The Win32 pproxy is reported to write stats without a leading zero in
the date.  This confuses the script.  I'll have a fix shortly.

- Make sure you set your $statdir variable.  I left this as:

$statdir = /home/tommy/rc5

You need to add quotes around it, terminate it with a semicolon, and
(obviously) change it to your stats directory.  The script finds its
config file in this directory and writes its database back to this

- I used the variable $teamname when parsing the config file.  The
subroutine that writes the HTML header uses $team.  Replace $team with
$teamname in the appropriate spots (two of them) at approx. lines 665
and 680.

- If you do not have gzip available (ie, Win32), you can roll your own
batch file or shell script to archive the logs.  The stats script needs
the logs renamed or moved so that stats don't get counted more than
once.  Here's a simple one-liner batch file that will do the trick for
Win32 (make sure the directory "archive" exists).  Unix people should
have no trouble translating this. ;-)

move %1 archive/

All of these problems (except the Perl bug) will be fixed in the next
release.  I will also be adding some DNS functionality (hardwired
hostnames and such).  Possibly some other features as well.  Look for
v1.21 within the next day or two.

PS... MAKE BACKUPS before running this script for the first time. 
Nobody has reported any data corruption yet, but I figured I'd point out
the obvious.  I take no responsibility for mangled logs!


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