[RC5] New stats script - bugs

Cedric MARSOT Cedric.Marsot at intervalle.fr
Tue Jan 13 14:25:48 EST 1998

On Tuesday, January 13, 1998 8:01 AM, Tom Marshall [SMTP:tommym at owt.com] 
> There were a few minor bugs and oddities that have been pointed out.
> Here's a fairly complete list:
> - The Win32 pproxy is reported to write stats without a leading zero in
> the date.  This confuses the script.  I'll have a fix shortly.

I have no problem with the date on my Win32 personnal proxy and your 

> - If you do not have gzip available (ie, Win32), you can roll your own
> batch file or shell script to archive the logs.  The stats script needs
> the logs renamed or moved so that stats don't get counted more than
> once.  Here's a simple one-liner batch file that will do the trick for
> Win32 (make sure the directory "archive" exists).  Unix people should
> have no trouble translating this. ;-)
> move %1 archive/

DON'T DO THAT ... Except if you are running the stat prog once a day ...
If you do a move of the proxy log, we cannot merge the two file.
I will find a gzip prog for Win32 and do a script file.
There is another solution: using pkzip and add/update files.


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