[RC5] FW: More on the DES II contest. (fwd)

James Kew JK at langley.softwright.co.uk
Tue Jan 13 15:04:00 EST 1998

Jacques Exelrud forwarded the following from Peter Trei:

>Over the past few weeks, the clients have been upgraded to a
>version containing dual search cores - they can search either
>rc5-64 or an arbitrary DES key.
>On the morning of the 13th, as soon as the DES II challenge 
>data becomes available, their servers will stop issuing 
>rc5-64 blocks and start issuing DES II blocks. The clients
>will all switch over to the DES II contest without any action
>by the owners of the client machines.

<cough> Well, it's a nice theory, but where are the dual-core clients?
Not a sniff of them so far and we're getting awfully close to the
starting gun. A comment: beyond 5pm GMT us Europeans tend to leave work
and we'll lose a chunk of overnight cracking time... except for the
devotees willing to wait up for the clients' release.

Could the Powers That Be give us some idea of what's going on, please? I
notice that the DES II client and proxy pages are up; but at the moment
they're only mirrors of the corresponding RC5 pages.
>[will d.net hang on to the key until the last minute?]
>My personal impression is that d.n seems more motivated
>by the money, which they want to further their research
>on distributed computing, than they are by ideology.

Hmm... comments? I don't think that the ideological goals are as strong
with DES II as they are with RC5; we all already know that DES is weak.
But DES II makes a nice show of strength for us; it's a useful
morale-booster; and yes, the prizes could help bolster the d.net
infrastructure nicely...


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