[RC5] Disappearing blocks + performance problem

Edwin Hendrickx edwin.hendrickx at ficsgrp.com
Tue Jan 13 18:00:15 EST 1998


I'm running a client on a Dell Optiplex 575 (Pentium 75 - 32MB) running
Windows NT4.0 SP 3.
Benchmarking (CPU = Pentium) gives me a keyrate of 101kkeys/s.
Running the client (v2.6403.315) with the '-runbuffers' (no internet
access) shows that
after 4hours some 50 % of a block has been done i.e. it is crawling.
However, taskmanager shows that rc564gui.exe is taking about 95% of

The same client (running hidden and with internet access through
http/uuencode) on an
identical machine (hardware, OS = NT4.0 - service pack *1*) gives the
expected performance
(i.e. 100 kkeys/s)

So either SP3 or the -runbuffers option seem to cause the difference.
Any suggestions? Any known problems I may not be aware of ?
(I'm running -runbuffers at home without performance problems on a 486)

I realize this is not top priority with DES II just starting, but 100
kkeys/s vs 3 kkeys/s
seems such a waste.
I would appreciate a reply to my email address, as well as to the list.
( :) )



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FICS Group                      Fax   : +32 2 71.44.224
Excelsiorlaan 87                Email : edwin.hendrickx at ficsgrp.com
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