[RC5] FW: More on the DES II contest. (fwd)

Peter A. DeNitto denitto at llamas.net
Tue Jan 13 12:04:50 EST 1998

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, James  Kew wrote:

> >[will d.net hang on to the key until the last minute?]
> >My personal impression is that d.n seems more motivated
> >by the money, which they want to further their research
> >on distributed computing, than they are by ideology.
> Hmm... comments? I don't think that the ideological goals are as strong
> with DES II as they are with RC5; we all already know that DES is weak.
> But DES II makes a nice show of strength for us; it's a useful
> morale-booster; and yes, the prizes could help bolster the d.net
> infrastructure nicely...

My own opinion (not that of d.net nor anyone else) is a bit of the
following:  Why did RSA do DES II?  They don't own the patent to it, and
would gain financially if DES was totally put to rest and everyone used an
RSA patented algorithm.  So is d.net a "PR" arm of RSA or something RSA is
trying to use to spin everything to their advantage.  Reading that RSA may
not have been the inventors of public key encryption really puts RSA on
somewhat questionable grounds.

Would RSA had put out DESII if d.net weren't around?  Maybe.  But if d.net
is able to put its mass behind this, won't that help RSA debunk DES once
and for all? (Which is a good thing for Cryptography in general, and
possibly financial for RSA...)

My opinions do not at all reflect any on distributed.net, and are totally
owned by me speaking as an individual involved in RSA challenges since
March, 1997.

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