[RC5] Please Read This

List Moderator rc5 at llamas.net
Tue Jan 13 13:17:08 EST 1998

The mail load is EXTREMELY heavy today, and that's understandable. I'm 
trying to be fair about what is passed on, and what isn't. Please be 
patient... I don't have much choice but to pass the bulk of it on, as so 
many letters are raising new issues... this IS a new contest, after all.

I'm asking you all to work with us, by only posting the essentials. Keep 
your letters short, kill any .sigs you might be using, and think twice 
before you send the letter.

The DES Challenge is up and running, and we all knew that there'd be lots 
to talk about today. Even heavy moderation will result in more letters 
than normal (and that's saying something, on this list) at times like 

I don't want to 'moderate heavily', I want to 'moderate moderately'. ;)

One thing I'm definitely limiting is the number of answers to a question. 
The d.net officials are reading the list again, and they know there are 
going to be problems, so if they post an answer, that's the one that will 
get passed through.

If you hadn't noticed, I'm watching the mail non-stop, so that these 
letters get passed through quickly. I'm doing my best to make this 
efficient... work with me.

This is NOT a complaint... I think things have been very smooth so far, 
keep it up!

Oh, one last thing: we're going to KILL this one!


The Anonymous Moderator
(for safety's sake!)
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