[RC5] I need a win32 personal proxy

Brandeburg, Jesse jesse_brandeburg at mail.intel.com
Tue Jan 13 11:54:41 EST 1998

I saw you have versions available for linux, freebsd, solaris, os2,  but
no personal proxy for (specifically NT4) win32

I don't care if its gui or command line but I need to get one to get all
my clients working... (over 10 machines)

AS A BUG NOTE: I have had trouble making the command line version of the
personal proxy talk across two network adapters under NT. It is being a
machine to proxy between a private net and my main proxy. Basically the
GUI version works, and the command line version doesn't. The symptom is
when the keyserver address is on a different net from the address the
proxy is listening on, the listening works, but key retrival and
flushing doesn't work. If I go and change the listening address to be on
the same net as the keyserver address, the flush/retrival worked. Weird

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