[RC5] Help! Linux-AXP crashes

Martijn Pieterse nijtram at worldaccess.nl
Tue Jan 13 19:53:29 EST 1998


I've got a problem, 

When I start the Linux-alpha-2.6401 client, I get
the following message:

RC5-64 Client v2.6401 started.  Using nijtram at worldaccess.nl as email

[01/13/118 18:46:58 GMT] Block: 660E6896:00000000 being processed
[01/13/118 18:46:58 GMT] 498 Blocks remain in file buff-in.rc5
[01/13/118 18:46:58 GMT] 1 Blocks are in file buff-out.rc5
Floating exception (core dumped)

The client has been running fine for over 6 weeks (approx.)

And it *WAS* running fine when it suddenly stopped, with the same

The only difference is that the computer on which I the buffer files are
is running the DES client now...

Stopping the DES client doesn't help...

Any help?

(Could this be *THE* key, but the client bugs when finding the right key??
(Wishfull thinking I gues.. :)  )

 Martijn Pieterse

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