[RC5] Answers to the most common questions

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Tue Jan 13 18:20:17 EST 1998

I've got answers to two of the three most common questions so far today:

"What's the deal with the stats?"

Nugget sez:
>Stats will most likely appear tomorrow evening, looking mostly like they did
>before the switch just with all the counts zeroed out.  Voting will be
>put into service sometime this weekend.  It's actually ready to go now, but 
>I decided to hold off to avoid compounding the confusion.  No sense in 
>changing too much at once.

Where's the Windoze 95 GUI client?

Again from Nugget:
>Building a new GUI-wrapped client is <quote>trivial</quote>.  However,
>building the new dialog boxes to accomodate the new options would be
>very tedious.  It was not something that jeff wantd to tackle before he
>went to sleep.  He's now catching up on his sleep and will visit the issue 
>when he awakens.

So, the GUI client for Win95 will be here tonight or tomorrow.

The third popular question of the day is perhaps the most important one, 
and regards the linux client problems. If I get any ANSWERS on this one, 
I'll send them along.

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