[RC5] command line seems to be the problem

Toomas Aas toomas at raad.tartu.ee
Tue Jan 13 22:23:26 EST 1998

I don't know if my previous mail will eventually get past the 
moderator, but this one seems to be the answer to that. However, it 
might still be interesting even to those who didn't get my previous 
message, that using the -in, -out, (undocumented?) -in2, -out2 and -l
command line options seems to cause problems with updating buffers
(Network::Error 6/0, don't hang me for the syntax), even if old 
buffer files have previously been deleted. When starting without any 
of these options, the network communications is OK.

Excuse me if I souns a bit vague. The time is late here in Europe :-)

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