[RC5] Problem with new DES proxy

Andre Albsmeier andre.albsmeier at mchp.siemens.de
Tue Jan 13 22:18:55 EST 1998

> The old proxies ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. You will need to upgrade your personal
> proxies, just as we have upgraded the full proxies.  These proxy upgrades
> will be available at ftp://ftp.distributed.net/v2-proxyper/rc5des

Just wanted to tell you that I have some problems with the new DES 

I am running it on FreeBSD through a modified datapipe.c (for socks5).

1. The IP address in the pkey file is always

2. The ipaddress= keyword is ignored. It always binds to all

3. It only fetched rc564 blocks (maybe this is only a temporary failure).

And, please bring back the forcemail option :-)

Hope it helps!


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