[RC5] v7001 firewall trouble

Toomas Aas toomas at raad.tartu.ee
Tue Jan 13 22:03:48 EST 1998

I am having trouble getting thru my firewall with win32cli v7001.
With 640x versions I used to connect via HTTP proxy and had no
trouble at all. However, with 7001 and the same network (HTTP proxy) 
and keyserver settings (the later being triple.stack.nl) I keep 
getting message: Network::Error Read failed 6/0
and random RC5 blocks are generated. 

I tried to specify custom network settings with -config option and 
select the choice 5 to specify my own network settings. I then chose
SOCKS4 for option 14 'UUE/HTTP/SOCKS mode' and changed option
13 'Local HTTP/SOCKS4 port' to my valid SOCKS4 port. Starting the 
client after that resulted in this message:
Network:: Open error x - sleeping for 3 seconds

Where x is an increasing number.

Having killed the client and re-entered to -config, I discovered that 
I still had Custom (5) Network communications mode turned on
with option 9, but option 14, 'UUE/HTTP/SOCKS mode' had changed into 
0, which means 'No special encoding', instead of 'SOCKS4 proxy' which 
I had set previously. I would think that something unconfigurable 
inside the client is cancelling all encodings for connecting through 
a proxy and this also prevents my old HTTP proxy settings to work. 
Yes, I _would_, if it weren't for one strange thing - connecting 
through HTTP proxy I could see the one-line proxy message *once*. But 
even at that time I couldn't fetch any blocks.

And yes, I flushed and deleted my 640x buffer files before upgrading.

What's going on?
Toomas Aas | toomas at raad.tartu.ee | http://www.raad.tartu.ee/users/toomas/
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