[RC5] FreeBSD static/dynamic...which version should I run?

Daniel Baker dbaker at wrangler.cuckoo.com
Tue Jan 13 18:32:14 EST 1998

There should be no speed difference. Use which ones work

dynamic = dynamic linking
static = static linking


> I have a FreeBSD 2.1.7 box running and I see there are a few different 
> versions for FreeBSD.
> I grabbed the static non-mt (what taht means I dontknow) and things are 
> running along smoothly (a tad over 104kkeys) on this dx2/66 box.
> What are the differences on those versions? How does one tell which they 
> should (or shouldnt run?)
> I notice this was the same for the 2.6403 clients as well, different 
> versions for FBSD. Static and dynamic, mt and non-mt.

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