[RC5] Symptoms: Doing both RC5 and DES

Brent J. Nordquist nordquist at platinum.com
Tue Jan 13 17:34:28 EST 1998

I noticed a pattern when I installed around 25 Windows NT machines,
and I thought I'd share it (I know this touches on issues that several
people have reported, but I think this is more specific data).

Background:  I removed all *.rc5 files before installing and starting
rc5desrv.exe for the first time.

Two machines couldn't get through on the first try to get DES
blocks.  Those systems pulled down 200 RC5 blocks (creating new
*.rc5 files) and went to work on them.  After 1-3 blocks were
completed, they got through to load the *.des files with blocks, and
then started to work on DES.  This may give the impression that
the client is working on both contests, but for me, once those two
machines buffered up DES blocks, they never went back.


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