[RC5] Linux client has Illegal Instruction!

Sean McPherson sean at ntr.net
Wed Jan 14 08:03:08 EST 1998

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Travis Siegel wrote:

> I'm using linux kernel 2.0 .30, and although I lost 4 blocks from stopping
> the client (apparently checkpointing isn't fully operational just yet) it
> is working just fine now.  I'm also using the multithreading version, and
> it's not core dumping, though I'm using a 486-66 sx processor, not a 386
> one.  In any case, I just wanted to report that it is indeed working, so
> those of you with linux troubles, can breath a little easier knowing it's
> possible to make the client work. :)

For those of use with SMP Linux boxes, I have a Dual CPU P200 running
linux 2.1.78 that is happily cracking along. It's running 2 separate DES
clients, each existing in their own directory, etc, and each is running
100% on it's own cpu. Key rates are 1.05Mkeys/sec/CPU, using 2^30 keys
blocks, for those interested. Also, running linux 2.0.32 on a Cyrix 200MX,
key rates are running about 630kkeys/sec. For PII fans, I have a Dual CPU
PII-266 running linux 2.1.72 cracking at 1.2MKeys/sec/cpu, again with
separate dirs and all for each client. I also have misc P100's and 133's
running the linux client, and have yet to have a problem. You can breath
even easier. :) I've been using the non-mt clients on all the machines,
since that was the first one I dl'd. I'll install the mt version, and see
if the threaded causes probs on either single or SMP machines.

Sean McPherson
sean at ntr.net
Network Operations Technician 
Information Systems
ntr.net Corporation

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