[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #96

Daniel Baker dbaker at wrangler.cuckoo.com
Wed Jan 14 08:57:49 EST 1998

> Well, I downloaded the 2.7001 Win32 cracker as soon as I could get
> it off the FTP site, and fired it up at work. It started up as smooth
> as usual, but when I connected to get my first buffer full of keys,
> I connected to the proxy:
>                 "Crack more keys! Faster! Faster!"
> Would it be too much to ask that the official proxy sites put
> some kind of reasonable identifier in their connect string? 
> Something like their machine name, perhaps. It would engender
> a little more confidence that we were actually connecting to 
> a machine that belongs here. It might look a little more professional.
>                                    ...phil (waiting for the NT proxy)

I changed all my proxies to this type of message:

[01/14/98 14:53:54 GMT] The proxy says: "Distributed.Net DESRC5 v271 
proxy [proxy02.craze.net]"


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