[RC5] There might be a problem with -fetch on 2.7001 NT service

van der Stock, Andrew J Andrew.vanderStock at nwhcn.org.au
Wed Jan 14 21:34:26 EST 1998

Here's what happened:

	d:\ajv\rc5> rc5desrv -fetch

I normally do this to test my firewall setup... the clients have been
much better recently when dealing with the CERN http proxy, but I still
test before generating significant numbers of random blocks.

	[01/14/98 11:15:28 GMT] The proxy says: "Kiss the rain!"
	[01/14/98 11:15:43 GMT] Retrieved 10 block(s) from server

	[01/14/98 11:15:46 GMT] The proxy says: "The key is out there!"
	[01/14/98 11:16:10 GMT] Retrieved 10 block(s) from server

And then, when I start the service:

	[01/14/98 11:20:02 GMT] DES Block: 0001986C:E0000000 ready for
	[01/14/98 11:20:02 GMT] 9 Blocks remain in file
	[01/14/98 11:20:02 GMT] 0 Blocks are in file
	Child thread # 1 has been started.

What happened to the other 10 keys?


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