[RC5] Fwd: mac bovine client problem

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Wed Jan 14 13:37:05 EST 1998


Is this going to happen to everyone running the old clients, or is this 
just a fluke? I've still got a fat buffer of rc5-64 files, so I haven't 
tested it myself yet.

I need to post an article about this, pronto, if that's the case, but I 
haven't heard much about it so far. This is going to completely wipe out 
the macintosh participation, since there's no new mac client. :(

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Date:        01/14  12:29 PM
Received:    01/14  1:11 PM
From:        gshreve at mmm.com
To:          distributedsethboffomaccom, distributedseth at boffomac.com

Hi Seth,

Sorry to bother you but I couldn't find who to ask about a problem with 
my mac
bovine client on your page or the distributed.net one.  Please forward 
this or
give me the contact address for the correct person.  Thanks!

     Gary Shreve
     gshreve at mmm.com

PM 6500/225, 32meg, OS7.61.

client hung up when getting new block from buffer and now won't take 'any'
blocks from buffin file, just counts through blocks in buff without 
them.  Will generate random blocks and run normally

 tried: replacing client, using new buffin file, trashing pref. file, 
on VM.


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