[RC5] Performance problem on NT4.0

Fireball firebal at muc.de
Wed Jan 14 16:58:26 EST 1998

Mark Pulver wrote:

> If you sit in task manager and stop all activity (ie, don't move the
> mouse,
> just sit still) then you'll see the RC5 client grab up to 95% of the CPU.
> Once you start to move the mouse though, the client drops back down to
> something normal. In fact, he got it all the way down to 4% CPU.

I haven't got that prob. When I'm heavily moving the mouse the client 
drops to 92-94%. I'm running the client at low priority. Perhaps you 
set its priority to normal when you are not working on your PC.

NT Workstation Ver.: 4.00.1381

CU Fireball :-)

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