[RC5] Suggestions for crackers with problems ;-)

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Wed Jan 14 10:14:48 EST 1998

Please everybody, when shipping out a note about bugs,
configuration problems, or whatever concerning the client
and proxy software, be sure to include at least the following

os type and version
client/proxy version in detail, that is: 'the linux client'
	is not good enough. 'rc5des381-linux-mt' is.

For an extra opportunity at getting your problems solved
as quickly as possible, include any other info about your
situation that might even be pertinent.
That is:
	cpu type
	Are you sharing buffer files?
	Did previous clients work? which version?
	Do you talk to a personal proxy? which version?
	Does it work for you on any other machines with a
	  similar configuration?
	Have you tried any variations in the configuration?
	  if so, what were they and what were the results?

Marc Sissom                       http://www.dnaent.com
Design Engineer                     voice: 972/644-3301
DNA Enterprises, Inc.                 fax: 972/644-6338

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