[RC5] rc5desproxyper donot work well

SASAKI Taroh taroh at taroh.org
Wed Jan 14 18:10:53 EST 1998

	I think it may be well-known that some version of rc5des pproxy
	do not merely work well, and is there any estimation of next
	release?  I stopped upgrading rc564 clients to rc5des at half
	of the way...

	My situation: I work several clients (half FreeBSD, half win95)
	and 1 proxyper (FreeBSD), up to 6Mkeys/sec.  The 271 build of
	FreeBSD proxyper seems
		- not to get des keys from public proxyper,
		- not to put rc5 keys to public proxyper,
		- sometimes not to get rc5 results from rc5des clients

	So I changed half of the clients (3Mkeys/sec) to communicate
	directly with public proxypers.  But still half of clients
	talking with pproxy cannot get des keys and calculate on RC5.
	I don't worry about loss of total computing power because
	results of the latter half charged onto pproxy out buffer
	which will be flushed some day :-) but not efficient for

	FreeBSD 271 pproxyper problems are also reported on Japan
	FreeBSD rc5 maillist, and some of them succeeded to work
	Linux 270 pproxyper using Linux emulator.

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