[RC5] FW: More on the DES II contest. (fwd)

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Wed Jan 14 16:04:15 EST 1998

>What I was wondering is, does d.net have any contact with RSA people?
>Like, talking about our effort to solve their challenges. After we,
>we are the only group taking up RSA challenges and they know that, I
>Are there any RSA Inc. people on this list, actively cracking, or so?

Here's Nugget's official response:

>for the record, the only official contact we've had with RSA Labs was
>when we cashed the cheque.  Peter Trei is a pseudo-RSA employee and I'm
>sure they keep tabs on us, most likely through the list but that's
>entirely speculation.

Just doin' my pseudo-job...


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