[RC5] Feature suggestion

Cracker rc5 at xyzzy.com
Wed Jan 14 15:13:21 EST 1998

Phil Gregory wrote:

> I had an idea for a useful feature for the V3 protocol.  The ability to
> return blocks as unchecked could come in handy in many cases.  What
> sparked this was the fact that I run a pproxy at home, servicing four
> machines.  I thought that keeping 300 blocks would be fairly reasonable,
> but I mistyped, and it sucked down 3000 blocks.  I really hope that the
> key isn't in the last of those.  Returning blocks would also seem cleaner
> to me than deleting buff files when the formats change and simply
> discarding those blocks.  What does anyone else think?

What happens to blocks that are assigned but never turned back in tothe 
server? Does it hand them out to someone else after some
predetermined time? Does it just skip them?

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