[RC5] rc5desh questions

Tim Charron tcharron at interlog.com
Wed Jan 14 18:23:54 EST 1998

These questions relate to the win95hidden client....
Note that most users can just use the regular win32 client and 
specify the startup option "-hide" to get a nearly idential effect.
The regular win32 client will splash a dos window on the screen for a 
few seconds before hiding itself, while the win95hidden one won't.

> >      1) How do you tell if it's running?  (Heh.)
> Use WinTop

> >      2) How do you set it up to auto-run at startup time?
> [start]-[settings]-[taskbar]-ADVANCED-[Programs]-[Startup]

Or, use rc5desh.exe -install.  This will make it start before user 
logon occurs. 

> >      3) If 2, how do you set command-line options?
> Add it to the filename, like -run or whatever.
Or check the registry entry like someone else mentioned, if you've 
'-install'ed it.
> >      4) How do you terminate it?
> Task manager?
rc5desh.exe doesn't show in the task manager.  The above mentioned 
wintop will kill it, or the exitrc5.now file mentioned below.
> >      5) What is the name of the file that will terminate the client?
> I _think_ it's exitnow.rc5 (not sure)
Yes, it is.
> >      6) Where is (all) this documented?
>         I am currently in the process of writing documentation.
> >      7) Is there a way to use the -config option with this client?
No.  rc5desh.exe will send no output to the screen that interacts 
with the user.  As mentioned above, most people are better off with 
the regular win32 executable, and to hide it use rc5des.exe -hide.

> >      8) If not 8, where is the *complete* documentation for the .ini file?
>         I am currently in the process of writing documentation.
-- Tim

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