[RC5] DOS client crashes

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Wed Jan 14 22:59:00 EST 1998

Tim Charron (tcharron at interlog.com) wrote:

> > I'm trying to run the DOS RC5/DES client on an IBM PS/2 Model 35 SX.
> > (This system has about 4 MB RAM -- impressive!)  Whenever I start it up
> > with a buffer "full" of blocks, it crashes.
> Please let me know if build 383 has this problem.  I think it's been 
> fixed.

I checked the ftp.distributed.net site a few minutes ago, and only saw
the rc5des380-x86-dos.zip client.

Good news, though (I think)... after some experimenting, I discovered
that I could get the client to run.  I took out the "noexitfilecheck=1"
line in the .ini file (which I always add now), and I ran the client
with the command "rc5desd -runbuffers".  The client has been running
for about 24 hours now, and is 50% done with its first block (of 2^30).
Both those steps were necessary to get the client not to crash.

If at all possible, I'd certainly like to see DES clients with 386/486
optimizations.  The PS/2 does about 6.2kkeys/sec on RC5, or 2 blocks
per day.  I was hoping that the 10 DES blocks I fed it would be finished
some time before the contest ends. :-(

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