[RC5] Using a machine not connected to the Internet

Roby Van Hoye roby.vanhoye at ficsgrp.com
Thu Jan 15 09:58:16 EST 1998

That is exactly what I'm doing.

I use the Win95Gui client to fetch 1000 blocks, copy the RC5BUFF.IN file 
floppy along with the client and it's ini and move the files to another
machine, adding it to the startup-directory with the command line option
'-runoffline'. It will work it's way all through the 1000 blocks (might
take some time :-) and afterwards will start to generate random blocks if
you might have forgotten about it :-)
Afterwards move the RC5BUFF.OUT file to a disk, first flush all the blocks
you have on your network pc, move the RC5BUFF.OUT file to your network pc
and flush again. All done blocks will be sent to the proxy.

PS: Actually I created bootable disks and run the dos-clients in offline
mode, that way there's no hassle with installing files on someone else's
pc, in the morning I press CTRL-Break, remove the disks and reboot. In the
evening it's the other way around...

PPS: Yes, the floppy-drives are spinning ALL THE TIME, which is a pitty,
one of the disks started tweeting (quite loud actually, had to change 
to prevent people coming over from next door to inquire what was going on
:-) Maybe there should be a way to prevent this (only write every xx% of
blocks performed)

At 10:45 14/01/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I've got several (2-3) computers here in the office that don't have 
>and aren't connected to the net.
>What I'm wondering is whether or not it might be possible to somehow get
>these machines working on the project without being net connected.
>Is there some way I can get a set of blocks using a net connected machine,
>copy them to a floppy, have them run the blocks, copy the files back to a
>floppy, and then put them back on the net connected machine, and have it
>upload them?
>...Just doing my part....
>Scott Mohnkern
>mohnkern at millkern.com
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