[RC5] Automating install

Andrew Wood andrew.wood at ITU.CH
Thu Jan 15 13:59:02 EST 1998

I've created the following command procedure to automate the install of 
new client, and ensure the machines are tidied up.

I have just one problem. How can I force the service to start
automatically?  For 50+ machines I will not do it by hand.....

All help appreciated.


rem Copy the files
copy j:\divapps\rc5\rc5d*.* c:\winnt\rc5\*.*
copy j:\divapps\rc5\des.cmd c:\winnt\rc5\*.*

Rem Flush the buffers of completed blocks
c:\winnt\rc5\rc564srv -flush

Rem stop the service
net stop "Bovine Distributed.Net RC5 Service client"

Rem Uninstall the old client
rc564srv -uninstall

Rem delete all old files
del c:\winnt\rc5\*.rc5
del c:\winnt\rc5\rc564*.*
del c:\winnt\rc5\64.log

Rem Install and start new service.
c:\winnt\rc5\rc5desrv -install
net start "Bovine Distributed.Net RC5/DES Service client"

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