[RC5] Minor bug with rc5des client (linux)

Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Thu Jan 15 08:20:31 EST 1998

'James Mastros' said previously:

| It would appear that this is a known design "feature" -- I didn't 
| my buff-*.rc5. (Even if the clients aren't backwards-compatible, they 
| at least not hang on invalid buff files.)

Agreed.  Perhaps they should spend a word in the file header for client
"version" and "build", so that clients can complain and exit safely
when a known-incompatible buffer file is there.


 if (file_version > client_version)   { /* ERR: buf newer than client  */ 
 if (file_version < known_compat_ver) { /* ERR: buf version is too old */ 
 if (file_buildno < known_compat_bld) { /* ERR: buf version is too old */ 


This would at least allow us to rule out version mixing as the source
of the "I'm getting strange errors with my client XXX" problems.

An even nicer feature would be one which converts old buff-out files to
the new format whenever the format changes.  This could even be a
standalone program rather than part of the client.  (Converting buff-in
files isn't strictly necessary -- discarding them is much easier and
the client could do that automatically as well.)



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