[RC5] Moving buff-in.des files

Scott Mohnkern mohnkern at millkern.com
Thu Jan 15 10:38:54 EST 1998

Well.  Downloaded the new 383 clients today, and ran into a snag... I'm
downloading on a machine running the windows client (Pentium), moving the
buff-in.des file to a non-networked machine, and then running it there.
It's an ancient 386 with 8 MB of ram.

When I start up on the 386, it give me an invalid opcode error (along with
lots of other junk).

However, when I remove the buff-in.des file and have it generate it's own.
No problems.

My second non-networked machine (a 486 SX 25) doesn't seem to have this

This made me think that maybe the buff-in file is corrupted in someway, 
I'm worried that we'll be missing 10 blocks if I just delete it.

Is there some provision where if a block doesn't get returned in a 
period of time, it just re-assigns it?

Scott Mohnkern

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