[RC5] Keylength problems in 383 client

The Man theman at fallout.nws.net
Thu Jan 15 07:30:41 EST 1998

Josh Hauck wrote:

> [01/15/98 13:12:37 GMT] Completed block 0000F604:80000000 (-2147483648
> keys)
>                         00:10:02.20 - [1003846.97 keys/sec]
> I am wondering why it reports the size of a 2^31 block (basically) when I
> am
> using 2^30 blocks.
> On my DOS box I am using 2^28 blocks but it reports the completed block
> size as a
> 2^29 block.

This is because the client also checks complementary keys, which 
doubles the size of a block. The negative number is simply due to integer
wraparound, as x86's have 32-bit long integers. Somebody forgot to use
unsigned long. :)

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