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Thu Jan 15 09:22:33 EST 1998

>From the RSA site: 


"For each contest, the unknown plaintext message is preceded by three
known blocks of text that contain the 24-character phrase "The unknown
message is: ". While the mystery text that follows will clearly be known
to a few employees of RSA Data Security, the secret key itself used for
the encryption was generated at random and never revealed to the
challenge administrators. The goal of each contest is for participants
to recover the secret randomly-generated key that was used in the


DES Challenge II
Secret-Key Contest Data
Contest Identifier: DES-II-1
Cipher: DES
Start of contest: 13 January 1998, 9 am PST
State of contest: ongoing
IV: fc 69 a5 54 ca d6 42 b1

Hex ciphertext:

09 86 1f 2d 37 36 d5 f1 88 e0 b5 4c d3 2c 12 e3
ee 0f 89 7e 00 12 e7 40 df c2 81 a1 df 6d 29 3d
c5 af e1 9c 4a 08 ce 49 f2 21 95 4d de 17 5c 1b
8c d9 d8 20 24 6b b4 89

Any word so far on estimates to exhaust the key space?  I know a few
people have had trouble with the DES clients, and we are
sans-MAC/RISC/etc.  I could care less about my stats (that's why I log
stuff to a file), just if we are on track for 23 days.

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>      I find the DES Initialization Vector and ciphertext, but do not
> find 
>      the known plaintext prefix.
>             -- Eric

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