[RC5] Linux client has Illegal Instruction!

Dave Avery cwax at pacbell.net
Thu Jan 15 12:18:27 EST 1998

Barry Nathan wrote:
> Remi Guyomarch <rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr> wrote:
> >There is only one DES core (Sven's BrydDES), and unfortunately it has an
> >instruction that's illegal on a 386. I just send the patch to Jeff and
> >Tim.
> Why aren't we using the DESChall cores? They were quite fast IIRC.

We would have liked to have useed the DESCAHLL cores , but
we were unable to secure the rights to them from
Rocke Verser. So the x86 clients are using the ByrdDES
core and the RISC clients are using a bitslice core
from Andrew Meggs ( MAC client author for DESCHALL and RC5)


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