[RC5] Automating install

Brandeburg, Jesse jesse_brandeburg at mail.intel.com
Thu Jan 15 09:31:51 EST 1998

And one last thing, if you want to start a service from a batch file,
you can do something like

Net start "Bovine Distributed.Net RC5/DES Service Client"

As in net start <servicename>

And that should fire up the service...

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	At 09:38 AM 1/15/98 -0600, Dysart, Derek wrote:
	>Create a file with the following text and name it something
	>autorc5.reg (it's the .reg that is important):
	>machine, just put this file in your distribution directory, and
add the
	>following line to your update script:
	>call j:\divapps\rc5\autorc5.reg


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