[RC5] AIC Code and absentminded clients?

Phil Gregory pgreg430 at neors.cat.cc.md.us
Mon Jan 12 21:11:12 EST 1998

> > First, Is the source for the AIX client available?  The only compiled 
> > binary is for the PowerPC, but I'd like to run it on an RS6000.  It would 
> > be nice if I could get the source and just compile it on that machine.
> [snip]
> Cant answer the second one but for the first I had shell access to an 
> Rs6000 box running AIX 3.2 for a while and grabbed the ppc client and 
> tried 
> it out and it worked. I got around 118kkeys/sec in test mode.


I tried that, and it started, but immediately after it told me that there 
was no .ini file, I got "Illegal instruction (core dumped)".  When I 
borrowed an .ini file from another computer.  I just got the illegal 
instruction bit after the standard header (client version, 
distributed.net web page, etc.).

I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I
knew as well.
Phil Gregory
phil_g at geocities.com

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