[RC5] rc5desh questions

Mark Pulver mpulver at midiwall.com
Thu Jan 15 14:14:10 EST 1998

Ching Yen Choon (03:39 PM 1/15/98) wrote:

>I'm using the win32 client. If I run it under the option '-hide', how do I
>stop it? I didn't find any exitnow.rc5 file, does it suppose to come with
>the client? The WinTop which I downloaded does not have the function to
>stop any program. Please help.

First off, the filename is:

			EXITRC5.NOW		(not case dependent)

This file can be *ANY* file that is copied to that name. The client is onl
testing for the presence of the file, not anything in it.

For example, this batch file will work when executed from the directory
that the rc5des?.exe file is.

		@echo off
		echo.Stopping RC5 client
		copy c:\autoexec.bat exitrc5.now

and that's it... When you want to re-start the client, be sure to remove
this file first (just erase it).


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