[RC5] Format of the personal proxy logfiles

Trevor Hemsley Trevor-Hemsley at dial.pipex.com
Thu Jan 15 23:12:37 EST 1998

I've written some C code that scans the personal proxy log files and
collects statistics about blocks submitted. I see that there are some
changes made to the format of these with the new PP and the DES code.
One of the changes that's been made is in the field that always used to
contain 268435456 and now appears to contain the number of old-style
blocks that were in the current block received. If this is right then
I'd expect the allowable values to be:

block  logfile
size    value
2^28      1
2^29      2
2^30      4
2^31      8
2^32      16

However I see log records that have a 7 in this field and this confuses
my theory rather ;-) Can anyone clarify what these values can be and
what they mean? 

Also, how do I tell if a block is RC5 or DES? Are they spun off to
different log files or is there something in the logfile record that
tells me what contest this block is for?

Trevor Hemsley, London, UK.
Trevor-Hemsley at dial.pipex.com or 75704.2477 at compuserve.com

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