[RC5] DES client not optimised for cache size?

Trevor Hemsley Trevor-Hemsley at dial.pipex.com
Thu Jan 15 23:05:30 EST 1998

There appears to be a difference in the performance of the DES client
on machines with different size caches. I have two machines here with
Pentium Pro chips installed. The first is my main machine and runs a
pair of PPro200s with 256Kb cache. The second has a pair of PPro166s
with 512Kb cache overclocked to 200. On the RC5 code the genuine 200MHz
chips were faster than the overclocked variety and got ~545kkey/sec to
the overclocked 166's 510kkeys/sec. On the DES challenge the positions
are reversed with the genuine 200's getting ~820kkeys/sec to the
overclocked ones which get ~850kkeys/sec.

Does this indicate that the client needs to be optimised more so that
the core code that's executed is closer together?

Trevor Hemsley, London, UK.
Trevor-Hemsley at dial.pipex.com or 75704.2477 at compuserve.com

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